EGM is cleaning house


You might not remember me, but I actually started this site over 20 years ago. Time flies, eh? Well, it's well past time that I began to thin the herd. In my years managing this site, collecting for myself personally and my work with the various toy companies (I worked directly for the now-defunct ReSaurus toy company and did contract work for a number of others including Toy Biz and McFarlane) I have collected a wide variety of things. I will be listing many on ebay but I thought I would at least come back to where it all started and see if there is any interest in what I have.

I do have a number of prototypes, test shots etc from my time at ReSaurus. I also have a number of Toy Fair exclusives from 1998-2001, the years we covered the show most extensively for RTM. Related to that, I have a very heavy box of Toy Fair promotional materials (catalogs, flyers, etc) if anyone is interested in those sorts of things.

I also have a collection of toy magazines from the 1990's mainly (Tomart's, ToyFare, etc.).

As I begin to dredge things up, I'll try to catalog them here. But if you have inquiries, please feel free to reach out. I have a lot of oddball stuff that I'd like to pass on to someone else who will love and care for it as I have these many years.

Not sure if anyone uses this part of the forum but I'll give it a try anyway.


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