Searching for Rainbow Loom?

September 2013 - Every day, I check the log files on the site, and among other things, I get to see what people are searching for on our site. Recently, there have been multiple searches every day for "rainbow loom," I feel bad for you folks that I don't have anything to post about Rainbow Looms.

Here are a few links that Google shows me when I search there for Rainbow Loom:

- Rainbow Loom - the official site - they also have a page full of instructional videos for making different designs. You can buy the Rainbow Loom kit and refill packs on their site.

- The official site also lists where else you can find Rainbow Loom, including Michael's (a craft store) and Learning Express stores. Rainbow Loom is also available on (FTC disclaimer: that one is an affiliate link).

- Rainbow Loom on Facebook

- Rainbow Loom on Twitter

- YouTube's search results page for "Rainbow Loom"

- Here's a video segment from The Today Show, from the middle of August. (If you are an adult, do not watch that video, or else you won't be able to get the image of Matt Lauer in skinny pants out of your head.)

- A nice article about Rainbow Looms on the New York Times, mostly with a focus on the family that created them.

- Another article about the family, this one on CNN/Fortune/Money.

- If you aren't worried about brand loyalty, head over to Toys'R'Us stores on Saturdays through October 26, 2013 - they are having free Cra-Z-Loom events. Go to this page on and scroll down for more details.

If you didn't already know, Rainbow Looms are a new jewelry trend - you use several different colors of rubber bands to create bracelets that you can then trade with your friends. If you were around in the late 1980s or early 1990s, you likely did the same thing with embroidery floss.