The Walking Dead Minimates Series 5

The Walking Dead Minimates Enlist Abraham and Eugene for Series 5!

February 2014 - They're coming! The newest assortment of The Walking Dead Minimates, based on the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, is almost here, and Toys R Us will have an exclusive assortment of the 2-inch mini-figures, featuring an array of all-new characters and zombies!

Diamond Select Toys

Four two-packs will be exclusively available at Toys "R" Us and on as part of Series 5, available this spring:
- Traveler Rick Grimes and Business Zombie
- Riot Gear Michonne and Hitchhiker Zombie
- Abraham Ford and Military Zombie
- Eugene Porter and Emaciated Zombie

Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including weapons for all the human characters and decomposing parts for all the zombies!

Diamond Select Toys

And keep an eye out for the comic-shop-and-specialty-store exclusive assortment of Series 5:
- Maggie Greene and Riot Gear Glenn
- Tyreese and Prison Michonne
- Survivor Morgan and Geek Zombie
- Caesar Martinez and Geek Zombie (rare variant)

Look for both assortments this spring! Pre-order the specialty assortment at your nearest comic shop or favorite online retailer!