First 4 Figures: Dr. Robotnik

October 7th 2014: Dr. Robotnik!

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, otherwise known as Dr. Eggman, has been Sonic the Hedgehog's archenemy for 23 years, and in that time he's become one of the most popular and recognisable villains in video game history. With his enormous ego and larger than life personality, it's only fitting that Dr Robotnik is the biggest statue we've ever produced. He'll be joining Sonic, Tails and other characters in our Classic Sonic line.

For this statue we turned to the input of our fans for what they wanted to see. The end result was to base Dr. Robotnik's pose on the bad ending to the classic games where he's stood in maniacal laughter as he juggles the Chaos Emeralds. Also included are two alternative empty hands that perfectly show off his many other moments as a mad scientist. The base of the statue is the same platform he stands on when he confronts Sonic in Wing Fortress Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. From base to tip he stands a total of 22" tall, and from hand to hand he's 19" wide.

Dr Robotnik is due to be launched across the world from Q2 2015. He can be purchased for $399.99 at First 4 Figures' website, and is limited to just 1000 units. Click here to be taken to the product page.

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