Site Update: Classified Ads, Updated Forum, New Location & RSS Feed for the News Section

February 2012 - We have moved a few things around and have updated the look of the site!

The news section can now be found at: We've also added a fancypants RSS feed for the news posts for you modern folks.

There is also a separate RSS feed for the items that stream through the front page, but just as on the older version of the site, the front page won't be changing on a daily basis.

The ToyBuzz forum format has changed to something written in this century. The new forum can be found here, although your old bookmarks should still work to get you there. We've split the forum into two parts: toys and off-topic. We've also added registration, so now you can have avatars and sig files and whatnot. Both forums have spoiler tags, so there's no reason to be ruining the ending of movies for anyone anymore. (If you are reading this on the front page, click the "read more" link to get the rest of this post!)

The old MarketBuzz/ShopCenter forum has been replaced by the Classified Ads section. The new Classified Ads are an improvement in several ways:

  • you can edit and update them yourself
  • the content of the ads will be part of the search function on the site, so hopefully more people will see them
  • there should be less spam to wade through in between our spam sweeps (if you see if before we get to it, now you can flag it as spam so we see it sooner!)

We've also added a mobile url so people on smartphones don't have to download quite so much to view each page.

We do have more things planned, but that sums up the major changes so far. In the coming weeks, mostly we aim to track down a few bugs and enjoy watching the Toy Fair discussions.

Dates for CustomCon 31 will be announced later this week. The entry deadline and dates of the show will be a few weeks later than normal, but will still be in the Spring.

All of the old content on RTM is still there, the archives, the news section, older articles and so on. Eventually that content will be converted to the new look, but for now, this link to an older sitemap will get you back into the navigation of the old site.

We appreciate everyone's patience over the past few weeks, and hope that you enjoy the new bells and whistles on the site.