"Captain America & Bucky" how the FU** did I miss this???

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I think it's pretty apparent that in the world of ClanKiller Comic Publications, characters Bucky, Moon Knight, Punisher, Azrael, Apocalypse, Hobgoblin and Mr. Sinister are the heavy hitters.

This being said, I am ashamed at the fact that I while I knew that Bucky was coming back, missed out on classic material explaining his origins.

I make it a point to not collect single comics, choosing to read the storylines in TPB format, but this may be a rule-breaker if Buck is back to being The Winter Solider.

Has anyone picked up the new title? May I have your thoughts??

I love Buck as both Cap and as WS. He has a depth that no other character can really match due to the violent nature of his origin by being the guy that did the dirty work that Steve/Cap couldn't do and the guilt he carries for being the killing machine while programmed to be The Winter Solider. The fact that Black Widow is his babe is kind of cool as well.

Seeing him be the WS as a Hero is going to be awesome, especially if they are/ will hold up to the edgy storytelling they claim to have in store for him.

Thoughts? Opinions? Additional gushing?