Different UPC's at different stores?

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OK, my son's birthday was about a month ago and he was really looking forwards to the Avengers movie so I went out and got him some stuff, which included the Iron Man Mech from a Walmart close to me. Fast fords to about a week ago and he gets a big box in the mail from his Grandmother who lives out of state. Included is the IM Mech so I figure I'll just return it to Walmart and we'll find something else for him because I still had the receipt from my original purchase. SO I grab the receipt today and the toy, go to Walmart to return it and they can't fin it in the computer because it has a completely different UPC. I thought most stores that carry the same items had the same UPC. I could understand if it was an store exclusive or something, but it's not. SO now I'm trying to find out what store she got it at. Just thought it was weird.