Iron Man

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Monogram's 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive Iron Man Resin Bust Bank

Monogram International's 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive Number Seven

Iron Man Resin Bank

June 2013 - Monogram International - If you couldn't get enough of Marvel's latest theatrical release of Iron Man 3, here's the perfect souvenir to bring it all back! Monogram International presents the Exclusive Comic-Con 2013 Iron Man Resin Bank.

- Classic Iron Man action bust.
- Detailed resin mold.
- Easy opening bottom to retrieve your coins.
- Item #68062
- 250 Piece Limited edition
- $25.00 Retail Price
- Booth 3744

Iron Man 3 Minimates to Hit Stores May 8th

Diamond Select Toys

Iron Man 3 Minimates to Hit Stores May 8th! New Product Photos!

May 2013 - The third Iron Man film is finally here, with a star-studded cast of characters and an array of awesome armors. But where can you find a toy line that will allow you to bring home all of the characters and armors in the movie? The Marvel Minimates line, naturally! And the first assortment hits comic shops May 8th!

WizKids/NECA Announce Free Iron Man HeroClix Figure for Free Comic Book Day

WizKids/NECA Announces 2013 Free Comic Book Day Figure: Free Iron Man HeroClix Figure with HeroClix Online Code

May 2013 - WizKids/NECA have announced the 2013 Free Comic Book Day figure - Marvel's Iron Man.

Coinciding with the much-anticipated Marvel's Iron Man 3, in theaters May 3rd, the physical Iron Man FCBD promo figure will hit shelves of local hobby shops May 4, and will be available while supplies last.

Each figure comes with a character card and free code to unlock its digital counterpart in HeroClix Online.

More details available at the Free Comic Book Day web site.

LEGO Iron Man 3 Theatrical Posters

lego iron man

April 2013 - LEGO has released these recreations of the theatrical posters for Iron Man 3.

LEGO's Iron Man sets are part of their Marvel Super Heroes product line and are available now.

lego iron man

Iron Man 3 Marvel Select Figures

Diamond Select Toys

New Photos of Iron Man 3 Marvel Select Figures!

April 2013 - Iron Man 3 is only one month away, and Diamond Select Toys is hard at work on their Marvel Select action figures for the movie! Iron Man Mark 42 and War Machine were designed by Gentle Giant based on digital data from the film, and will stand approximately 7.5" tall with 16 points of articulation. Each will come with an armor bay diorama base, packaged in DST's display-ready Select figure packaging. They'll be exclusively available at comic shops and specialty stores starting this summer, so check out these new photos and pre-order today! And stay tuned for news on the exclusive Iron Patriot figure and a second exclusive figure to be revealed!

DST Unveils More Iron Man 3 Minimates

Diamond Select Toys

New Armors are Unveiled as the Final 'Iron Man 3' Minimates are Revealed!

April 2013 - With the movie's release date only a month away, Diamond Select has finally unveiled the remaining three figures from their assortment of "Iron Man 3" Minimates, and all three are new armors from Tony Stark's vast armory! These three figures will be exclusive to Toys "R" Us when they hit stores later this month, and will round out a full assortment that will be shared with comic shops, specialty stores and

The three new Minimates include:
- Iron Man Mark 17 - Artillery Level RT Suit ("Heartbreaker" Armor)
- Iron Man Mark 33 - Enhanced Energy Suit ("Silver Centurion" Armor)
- Iron Man Mark 41 - Skeleton Suit ("Bones" Armor)

Diamond Select Toys

Funko: Iron Man 3 POP! Marvel Vinyl Figures


April 2013 - Funko has announced an additional POP! vinyl figure based on the upcoming Iron Man 3 film.

Expect to see Deep Space Suit Iron Man in stores right about now. He joins the previously-released Iron Man (Mark 42), War Machine, and Iron Patriot.

Iron Man 3 Minimates Packaging Pictures

Diamond Select Toys

'Iron Man 3' Minimates Get Suited Up in High-Tech Packaging!

March 2013 - Everyone knows what Tony Stark will be wearing in this summer's Iron Man 3, but what will the Iron Man 3 toys be wearing? Diamond Select Toys has worked up some nifty new packaging for their assortment of Minimates based on the movie, and while the Toys "R" Us-exclusive figures are still top-secret, we can show you the full specialty assortment in their boxes right now!

Check out the pictures below, and pre-order at your nearest comic shop or specialty store today!

Visit to find the nearest comic shop, and get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Diamond Select Toys

Two New Iron Man 3 Minimates Announced

Diamond Select Toys

Two New 'Iron Man 3' Minimates Revealed: Extremis Soldier and "Suit Up" Tony Stark!

March 2013 - The latest Iron Man 3 trailer has everyone talking about what kind of products we'll see on toy store shelves as the movie's release date approaches. And while they still need to keep some of their figures under wraps, Diamond Select Toys has unveiled two more Marvel Minimates based on the film!

The first, "Suit Up" Tony Stark, will be one of four Toys "R" Us-exclusive Minimates, and will come packaged with a mystery figure to be revealed later. He is shown wearing parts of the Mark 42 armor, which can be summoned and controlled via mental link in the film, as seen in the trailer. The boots and gauntlets will be removable, and Tony will also come with regular hands and shoes.

Iron Man 3 Minimates

diamond select toys

Top Secret Iron Man 3 Minimates Revealed at New York Toy Fair!

February 2013 - Now that the latest trailer for Iron Man 3 has been viewed by millions of people, it's time for another unveiling... of Iron Man 3 Minimates! Diamond Select's 49th consecutive assortment of 2-inch mini-figures will include four 2-packs, two exclusively at comic shops and specialty stores, and two shared with Toys "R" Us!

War Machine with Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian with Cowboy Tony Stark will only be available on the comic specialty market, while Iron Man with the Mandarin and Iron Patriot with a top-secret figure will be shared with Toys "R" Us. Still under embargo are two more sets made exclusively for Toys "R" Us, to be revealed later, and an exclusive box set, at a retailer to be announced!

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