My Indiegogo campaign for my August photography show

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What's this all about?

I was very recently selected to be part of Raw Boston's August art event "Radiate" ( and it's an incredible opportunity to get my work in front of a lot of people and potentially actually SELL some. But times are hard and I'm pretty broke so I don't really have the funds to put out for prints and books that MIGHT sell. That's why I need your help.

Where's my money going?

All of your funding will go to prints, frames, books or transport costs. With enough money I think I can really come in and make the kind of impact I think my work deserves. This is a flexible funding campaign because I can use all you can give me. Thank you so much in advance.

How else can I help?

If you're IN the Boston area on August 9th, please come check it out. You can buy advance tickets here:

Thanks guys.