Custom Wally Street MadL Raffle

August 2012 - Ryan McClure has let us know about a new toy raffle:

To promote the launch of my comic book, Waking Wally Street #2 - Loyal to the Bone, I'm holding another custom toy raffle!

The Prize is a custom Wally Street 5" MadL. Wally Street is the main character of my comic series. This custom is hand-painted with sculpted features by me, Ryan McClure (Rocketboy Customs).

Custom Wally Street

To qualify for the raffle to win Wally:

Preorder an issue of Waking Wally Street #2 just $3.99 plus shipping at:


Buy the E-Comic Download version (for your electronic device) just $1.99 (available to read now!) at:

Once you place an order, your name will automatically go into the raffle and the winner will be drawn at random. If you order more than one comic and or e-comic, your chances of winning increase! The winner will be announced once the shipment of comics arrive from the printers (projected early September).

Waking Wally Street

Don't want to order Waking Wally Street #2 before reading Waking Wally Street #1? I don't blame you, so here is a free e-comic download of the debut issue (please share):

For more info on Waking Wally Street visit:

For more info on my customs visit:

Going to Wizard World Chicago this weekend? Come check out the goods in Artist Alley booth 3013