Hess Toy Truck to Be Available Online

Hess Toy Truck Available for Online Purchase for First Time in Product's 48-Year History

Integrated Marketing Plan to Support Nationwide Launch of 2012 Model

NEW YORK (Oct. 1, 2012) – Hess Corporation today announced that the Hess Toy Truck, a holiday tradition for 48 years on the East Coast, will be available for purchase online this year for the first time. Details of the 2012 Hess Toy Truck will be announced Nov. 1 and will go on sale Nov. 9 at participating Hess and Hess Express retail stores and at http://www.hesstoytruck.com. Preordering is available online starting Nov. 1.

"Generations of families and fans have made the Hess Toy Truck part of their holiday celebrations and have come to appreciate its history, quality and value," said Rick Lawlor, Vice President Retail Marketing at Hess. "We believe the time is right to introduce this tradition to families across the country, as the demand for and legacy of the Hess Toy Truck has grown well beyond our retail market of 16 East Coast states."

Hess will implement an integrated marketing plan that combines online media buys and traditional ad buys with expanded social media efforts, as well as ties to the free Hess Express mobile app, to reach Hess Toy Truck fans across the United States.

  • Also for the first time, Toy Truck fans can work together to reveal the truck early. Beginning Oct. 22, fans, through a variety of linked social actions on the Hess Express Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/hessexpress), will be able to slowly reveal - via hints and image pieces - the new Toy Truck model before the official Nov. 1 launch.

  • A new virtual Hess Toy Truck Collection website feature will enable fans to indicate which Hess Toy Trucks they own from past years, reminisce about holidays when they received the truck and earn digital toy truck collector badges to share with their friends on Facebook.

Hess Toy Truck Background

In the early 1960s, Hess Corporation founder Leon Hess came up with the idea of producing a toy truck to thank loyal customers for their business. He had just one stipulation: The Hess Toy Truck had to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. In 1964, the first Hess Toy Truck was introduced – an 18-wheel fuel oil tanker painted in the traditional Hess dark green with white and yellow accents.

More than four decades later, Hess is still creating original toy trucks of outstanding quality. These exacting standards have translated into the Hess Toy Truck tradition, creating a highly popular and collectible toy that is one of the longest running toy brands on the market. Its durability, quality and collectability make it a gift cherished by young and old.

About Hess

Hess Corporation, with headquarters in New York, is a global integrated energy company engaged in the exploration, production, purchase, transportation and sale of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the production and sale of refined petroleum, natural gas and electricity products. Hess is the leading independent gasoline-convenience store retailers on the East Coast with retail outlets in 16 East Coast states.

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