Hasbro's "Must Have" Holiday Toys

Hasbro Delivers Innovative and "Must Have" Toys for the Holidays

Global Branded Play Company Delivers New Ways to Play with its Popular Brands

PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- November 14, 2012 -- Home to many of the most well-known and beloved toy and gaming brands such as TRANSFORMERS, MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY and PLAY-DOH, Hasbro, Inc. announces highlights of its toy and gaming offerings for the 2012 holiday season today.

Hasbro has been making kids smile for generations with innovative, trendsetting toys and games. In 2012 Hasbro continues the tradition of delivering fun in a variety of ways with new technologies that give families new ways to play. Many of Hasbro's engaging new products are featured in top "must have" toy lists for the holidays including the return of FURBY! The wildly popular sensation is back and blends new interactive programming and robotic engineering to create a magical toy experience for the modern child with app integration and cutting edge tech features. The NERF brand is also making holiday wish lists with its newly designed NERF N-STRIKE ELITE line, including the HAILFIRE blaster, featuring all new engineering for the farthest flying darts yet, blasting up to 75 feet! For the ultimate gaming experience 'brought to life,' Hasbro has re-imagined the revolutionary LAZER TAG blaster system, combining the power, precision and excitement of live-action blaster battles with the high-action, strategic, augmented reality gameplay of traditional video games.

"Hasbro's impressive lineup of toys and gaming experiences continues to offer families tremendous fun, led by innovation across our wide portfolio of well-known brands this holiday season," said John Frascotti, chief marketing officer, Hasbro, Inc. "Our brands are delivering engaging play experiences to consumers around the world as are our products based on some of today's hottest licensed properties from MARVEL, Lucasfilm, ONE DIRECTION, and ZYNGA. Retailers and industry experts agree with many of our products featured on 'must have' toy lists including the re-introduction of FURBY, the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE HAIL-FIRE blaster and many others."

The following are highlights from Hasbro's 2012 lineup of holiday toys and games:

1D Dolls
The boys from global pop phenomenon 1D are headed in a new direction: collectible figures! Directioners can bring all the fun of 1D off the stage and into their home this summer with an exciting collection of five figures sculpted in the likeness of each 1D member. Fans of the band can collect Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall figures, each standing 12 inches tall and sporting stylish clothes inspired by real outfits worn by the guys. Each sold separately. Ages 5 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99. The 1D Dolls from Hasbro have been named a top holiday toy by Toys "R" Us.

New from Hasbro - the ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS app comes to life! The new line of Hasbro toys captures all the launching and destroying fun of the app in physical form and features your favorite STAR WARS characters re-imagined as high-flying ANGRY BIRDS and villainous pigs! Stack, launch, and destroy with the AT-AT ATTACK BATTLE GAME, which includes 21 blocks to create the signature AT-AT, a LIGHTSABER LAUNCHER and 12 ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS figures - including two that are exclusive to this set! Players can also unlock ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS content in-app with a special code in each pack. Approximate retail price: $39.99; Ages: 5 & up.

This baby loves to walk! The BABY ALIVE BABY WANNA WALK doll learns to take her first steps with her mommy's help, and with encouragement and practice she'll really walk on her own! This adorable little girl speaks more than 40 interactive sounds and phrases, telling mommy "I wanna walk" and asking her to "hold my hands, please!" the BABY WANNA WALK doll recognizes when she's walking with her mommy or all by herself, and may excitedly shout "Look at me, I'm walking!" She'll even ask for help if she takes a tumble! The BABY WANNA WALK doll can walk on most smooth surfaces and low pile carpet. Learning to walk has never been so much fun. Includes four "AA" temporary batteries. Four "AA" replacement batteries required. Ages 3 & up; Approximate Retail Price $54.99. The BABY ALIVE WANNA WALK Doll from Hasbro has been named a top holiday toy by Toys "R" Us and Walmart.

Battle for full 360-degrees of dominancy in the BEYBLADE: METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME set. Watch as the BEYBLADE: METAL FURY tops perform as never before and battle in mid-air! This epic arena features an innovative spherical design, taking BEYBLADE battles to the next dimension, and adding a whole new element to every battle! The set includes two BEYBLADE: METAL FURY tops, two spin tracks, two launchers and the DESTROYER DOME arena. The DESTROYER DOME set also includes two collector cards that may be used to battle other Beybladers online at BeybladeBattles.com. Each sold separately. Ages 8 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $39.99. The BEYBLADE: METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME set has been named a hot holiday toy by Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.

Are your reflexes faster than the speed of light? New BOP IT! SMASH tests your skill and competitive nature as you attempt to time it right and smash the light. This fast action, reaction skill game asks players to trap a rapidly moving light in the center of the game by quickly smashing the ends of the game together. The closer the light is to the center, the more points you score. Recommended Age: 8 and up; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Players: 1 or more. The BOP IT! SMASH game has been named a hot holiday toy by Target.

Children will be wowed this fall when they meet the FURBY creature, the adorable new plush friend that appears to develop a distinct personality based on the way kids play with it. Through a combination of interactive programming and robotic engineering, Hasbro has created a 'magical' creature with 'A MIND OF ITS OWN.' Emotional and unpredictable, FURBY will let kids know how it feels through a series of animations displayed in its expressive LCD eyes and the more kids play with FURBY the more FURBY changes. When children first bring FURBY home it will speak FURBISH and the more FURBY interacts with its owner the more English it will start speaking. Each FURBY can also recognize another FURBY; place two side-by-side and they will interact, including dancing together to the same tune or having a conversation. For additional interactive FURBY fun, owners can download the free FURBY App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, available on the App Store. Using the FURBY App, children can virtually feed their FURBY, access a FURBISH-to-English dictionary, and use the FURBISH to English translator. At launch, FURBY will be available in six vibrant colors with four more fun colors available by the end of the year. Visit furby.com for more FURBY fun. Four "AA" batteries are required and not included. Ages 6 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $59.99. FURBY has been named a hot holiday toy by Kmart, Kohl's, Target, TimetoPlayMag.com, Toys "R" Us and Walmart.

The magic of BUTTERSCOTCH PONY returns with the introduction of the newest darling pony in the FURREAL FRIENDS family - BABY BUTTERSCOTCH, MY MAGICAL SHOW PONY pet, a miniature filly to cuddle and care for! BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pony comes to life via animated facial expressions and lifelike pony sounds. The BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pet responds to you by moving her head, blinking her eyes, moving her ears and letting out a sweet whinny to show her excitement. Her soft, poseable legs make the BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pony perfect for cuddling…nuzzle with her and she will nuzzle right back! BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pony will gently snore as she drifts off to dreamland while snug in your arms. When this adorable pony is hungry, girls can feed their BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pet her carrot and she'll happily nibble on her treat. Pet the sensors on her back or face and BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pony responds with happy neighing sounds and lifelike movement. BABY BUTTERSCOTCH pet comes complete with her carrot treat and brush. Includes four "C" demo batteries. Four "C" replacement batteries required. Ages 4 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $119.99.

KOOSH SOLAR RECON ball launcher
Guard the galaxy with glow-in-the-dark blasting power and awesome sounds and lights! Feed the KOOSH balls through the top of the KOOSH SOLAR RECON ball launcher and watch as the LED lights brighten and charge the glow-in-the-dark KOOSH balls for awesome glow in the dark blasting effects! Kids can hear the ball launcher powering-up, firing and going back into stand-by mode, so they can be prepared for their next adventure. Includes four glow-in-the-dark KOOSH balls. Requires three AA batteries, not included. Ages 4 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $26.99. The KOOSH SOLAR RECON ball launcher has been awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Builders can take control of the most feared DECEPTICON weapon on Earth with the KRE-O DESTRUCTION SITE DEVASTATOR set. A simple construction site becomes the scene of the ultimate Transformers face-off between AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICON's secret weapon of destruction, DEVASTATOR. Offering multiple builds in one, fans can create four construction vehicles including a crane and bulldozer, deconstruct the vehicles to create four different robot figures, or combine all vehicle builds together to form one of the largest and most epic enemies of the AUTOBOT world, the CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR character, complete with wrecking ball and spinning auger accessories. Set includes 590 KRE-O bricks and six unique KREON figures. Ages 8 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $79.99; Available: Fall 2012.

Get into the game with the ultimate LAZER TAG 2 BLASTER set, brought to you by the makers of the NERF brand. Set includes two LAZER TAG blasters. For enhanced augmented reality gameplay, simply download the free LAZER TAG app to an iPhone or iPod Touch device and then connect the device to the blaster to activate the immersive gaming experience. When in multi-player mode, blasters are equipped with a virtual firing range of more than 250 feet and an on-screen 'Heads Up Display' which, for the first time with LAZER TAG, allows players to see the lazer and keep track of their gear and remaining power. In the solo campaign, the blasters provide a view of the augmented reality targets and enemies in the area. Performing well in combat and mastering levels will increase players' stats on a virtual leaderboard, as well as unlock upgrades for attacks, missions, gear and firepower. Game may be played in single-player mode, or in multi-player mode with up to 24 people. Players can also play LAZER TAG without a device using the blaster's classic multi-player mode. Each blaster requires 6 AA batteries, not included. Ages 8 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $69.99.

LITTLEST PET SHOP Entertainment Pack
The LITTLEST PET SHOP Entertainment Pack includes six pet friends from the all-new animated series Littlest Pet Shop, created by Hasbro Studios and will begin airing on The HUB TV Network beginning on November 10 at 11 a.m. EST! Girls will love acting out their own imaginative LITTLEST PET SHOP adventures with these adorable new pet personalities. Ages 4 & up; Approximate Retail Price $16.99; Available at Walmart and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes need Earth's most amazing vehicle! Straight out of the blockbuster film MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS, this mobile battle station features launching projectiles and an incredible scale-at more than 3 feet long, it's the largest MARVEL vehicle ever created by Hasbro, with space for more than 30 3.75-inch MARVEL action figures! (Figures sold separately.) Approximate Retail Price: $69.99; Ages: 4 & up.

"Spin a web" with Hasbro's biggest SPIDER-MAN action figure yet! Based on the blockbuster movie THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, this 13-inch figure is the ultimate in webshooting power: Watch as the motorized web shoots out of SPIDER-MAN'S wrist, then retracts and shoots out the other wrist, all with cool web slingin' SFX! It's truly amazing! Batteries not included. Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Ages: 5 & up.

Live Like a Millionaire with the new MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRE game. For the first time, the first person to earn a million dollars in the game wins! As you accumulate wealth in the game, you upgrade your mover - you may start off with a paper airplane, but you'll be flying a private jet before the end of the game. The high-end-themed board, stacks of cash (instead of single bills) and lifestyle cards will introduce players to a luxury-themed MONOPOLY experience. Recommended Age: 8 and up; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Players: 2 to 4. The MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRE game has been awarded The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and has been named a hot holiday toy by Walmart.

There's a royal pony wedding in EQUESTRIA, and you're invited! PRINCESS CADANCE pony and her charming groom SHINING ARMOR are ready for the big day in the PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE playset. PRINCESS CADANCE looks stunning as she makes her grand entrance down the regal magenta staircase, surrounded by her animal friends. After the wedding, the bride can enjoy a relaxing ride on the moving swing. A pony event wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat, and PRINCESS CADANCE has an exquisite tiered cake to share with her guests. The MY LITTLE PONY PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE playset features exclusive 3-inch figures of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR, only available in this playset. Ages 3 & up; Approximate Retail Price $34.99. The MY LITTLE PONY PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE playset has been named a hot holiday toy by TimetoPlayMag.com.

Boasting an unprecedented capacity for up to 144 darts, the N-STRIKE ELITE HAIL-FIRE blaster unleashes an unrelenting, unwavering, unforgiving stream of N-STRIKE ELITE darts, traveling up to a full 75 feet. The HAIL-FIRE blaster features a groundbreaking revolving clip carousel, with slots for up to eight clips of any size, taking N-STRIKE play to a whole new level. Simply fire all the darts from one clip, and then advance to the next loaded clip with just the pull of a handle. The HAIL-FIRE blaster features semi-automatic motorized blasting power and includes four N-STRIKE ELITE six-dart clips and 24 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Additional darts and clips sold separately. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included. Ages 8 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $39.99. The NERF N-STRIKE ELITE HAILFIRE blaster has been named a hot holiday toy by Kmart, Target, TimetoPlayMag.com and Walmart.

No sunlight? No problem. The NERF brand brings fans a completely new way to play with its sports gear in 2012 with the introduction of FIREVISION technology, an innovative enhancement featured in the debut FIREVISION SPORTS collection which allows for play in both daytime and dusk. To turn up the heat on throws and catches, users simply put on the FIRE FRAMES eyewear and flip the switch on the bridge to see reflective graphics and skins on the FIREVISION SPORTS products. Only those wearing NERF FIREVISION FRAMES eyewear will be able to see the action once the lights are out so put on the FIRE FRAMES eyewear and turn on the switch to see the NERF FIREVISION SPORTS Football soar. Set includes one FIREVISION SPORTS football and two pairs of FIRE FRAMES eyewear. Ages 6 years & up; approximate Retail Price: $19.99.

Create colorful PLAY-DOH candy concoctions with the new CANDY CYCLONE playset! The amazing gumball machine mechanism mixes PLAY-DOH compound and cranks out perfectly molded "gumballs". Watch as the PLAY-DOH gumballs roll down the spiral ramp into the bowl quickly and colorfully! Kids can pop the "gumballs" into the EZ Load Extruder tool to create colorful PLAY-DOH licorice and lollipops or use the Press 'n Mold Candy Maker tool to create fun-shaped PLAY-DOH treats. This playset includes hours of open ended "candy" shoppe play that will keep kids coming back for more! Set includes four 2-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH compound - enough to make over 50 PLAY-DOH gumballs! Adult assembly required. Ages 3 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99. The PLAY-DOH CANDY CYCLONE playset has been awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and has been named a hot holiday toy by Kmart.

"Walkin' on the Sun" and more fun pop songs encourage little ones as they cruise along with this brightly colored PLAYSKOOL walker. When baby stops moving, the music stops too, so little ones will want to keep on walking! When tots are old enough, parents can easily convert the walker to a ride-on motorbike by flipping down the seat into a locked position. While sitting, kids can turn the key to rev the engine, honk the horn and interact with the dashboard to hear encouraging phrases and music like "Life is a Highway." Choose between a blue or pink version, each sold separately. Requires two "AA" batteries, included. Ages 9 months & up; Approximate Retail Price: $44.99.

This motion-activated Super Grover 2.0 character comes to life when kids pick him up and "fly" him around the room. His arms will rise as if he's flying and he will let children know whether he's "Going up" or "Going down!" Complete with soaring sounds and silly phrases, little ones are sure to fall in love with this furry superhero. Includes two "AA" temporary batteries. Two "AA" replacement batteries required. Ages 2-5 years; Approximate Retail Price: $29.99. The SESAME STREET FLYING SUPER GROVER 2.0 toy has received a Platinum Award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and has received a Toy of the Year Award from Family Fun magazine.

Micro heroes, mega battles! Iconic STAR WARS characters get a collectible new gaming twist, as players use Fighter Pods to knock down as many figures as possible. Spin, Launch or Roll your Pod into battle…even connect your Pods together or place your figures on top or inside of them for extra "power"! More than 100 STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS figures available in a unique new style from all six STAR WARS films and The Clone Wars animated series-collect them, set them up and knock them down in head-to-head battling play! Each set sold separately. Ages: 4 & up; Approximate retail price: $2.99-$19.99.

The TRANSFORMERS PRIME WEAPONIZERS Assortment contains all new TRANSFORMERS PRIME-styled figures from Hasbro Studio's hit TV Series in a larger scale. With a huge weapon reveal in both robot and vehicle mode as well as lights, TRANSFORMERS PRIME WEAPONIZERS is the ultimate Prime figure. With four modes including robot, vehicle, robot with pop-up weapons and vehicle with pop-up weapons, TRANSFORMERS PRIME WEAPONIZERS are the ultimate in TRANSFORMERS conversions. Complete with lights, each action figure, including BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME, is sold separately. Ages: 5 & up; Approximate retail price: $29.99.

As seen in the "Till the World Ends (TWISTER REMIX)" video feat, Britney Spears, TWISTER DANCE combines today's best dance music with the iconic TWISTER spots. TWISTER DANCE gives girls a new, fun way to learn moves to today's hottest dance songs! TWISTER DANCE includes a custom TWISTER remix of "Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears, as well as an exclusive TWISTER DANCE song called "Caught Up in a Twister." Girls can get psyched to rock out to today's most popular music by such artists as Ke$ha and Willow Smith while moving their feet to the colored spots on the floor that coordinate with the multi-colored LED lights on the Dance console. Plus, players can rock the spots to their own music choices by connecting any mp3 player to the Dance console, challenging themselves and their friends with new and different songs every time they play. Recommended Age: 8 and up; Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Players: 1 to 2. The TWISTER DANCE game has been named a hot holiday toy by Kmart.

Get ready to play Zynga's digital WORDS WITH FRIENDS game face to face! Players take turns placing tiles onto the game board, building upon opponents' word creations with their own. Bonus spaces such as Double Word or Triple Letter let you rack up even more points and the player with the highest word score at the end of the game wins! The WORDS WITH FRIENDS game also includes a bundle of digital features to enhance your WORDS WITH FRIENDS online or mobile game experience, including Word-O-Meter, The Count and Tile Pile. To access the digital features, you must be 13 years or older and have a valid WORDS WITH FRIENDS account on Zynga.com or Facebook. Additional terms and conditions apply to digital features offer. Recommended Age: 13 and up; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Players: 2 to 4. The WORDS WITH FRIENDS game has been named a hot holiday toy by the Toy Insider.

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