Mezco's Summer Exclusives Reminder

"Sold Out Doesn't Mean All Sold Out, Yet" Says Mezco Toyz

July 2013 - San Diego CA - As the countdown to world's most famous Comic-Con gets underway in San Diego, Mezco Toyz wants you to know that hope is not lost just because a Summer Exclusive is marked Sold Out on the Mezco Website.

"For the Summer Exclusives, we set aside a certain amount to be sold on and a certain amount to be sold at our booth at San Diego. So if you see an item marked Sold Out on the website, that simply means we sold out the allotment for, there will still be merchandise at the booth!" says Mezco's Vice President, Susan Sisco from booth 3445 at San Diego Comic Con.

"However," says Mezco's Special Project's Director, "these are all limited editions and I doubt if they will last long. Interest and demand for all our products are very high, but fans of the Creature From the Black Lagoon, and especially Breaking Bad are very, very enthusiastic!"

"I'm not a gambling man," said Mezco's Pierre Kalanzaga, "but I would be willing to wager that our Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Walter White, The Creature glow in the dark and black and white figures, and several of our other exclusives will be sold out quickly."

"Never underestimate the popularity of Snarf," added Mezco's Damien Glonek, "or Axe Cop. Get to our booth as soon as you can and avoid disappointment."

Be sure to visit Mezco at San Diego Comic Con at booth 3445.

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