Mezco's Chucky Box Deluxe Plush

Photo Credit: Richard Ford

Chucky Box Deluxe Plush

November 2013 - New York - Bad things come in sealed packages.

Mezco's latest addition to the world of must-have Chucky collectibles is this 19 inch tall Chucky Box Plush.

One of the most iconic product packages in modern cinematic horror history has been recreated. It portrays, forever frozen in time, the moment before Chucky strikes. With his blade raised midair, and his evil sneer, this is Chucky at his most terrifying.

Using cutting-edge dye-sublimation technology, Mezco has captured everyone's favorite killer doll in his most iconic pose, in his trademark yellow box and turned it all into soft plush. The ideal collectible for any Chucky fan!

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