August 2014: Toys on Kickstarter

August 2014 - It's been a few weeks since the last round-up, but grab your wallet, because there are more action figures and toys on Kickstarter!

- Fresh Monkey Fiction is raising funds to produce Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures. These are 4.75-inch action figures based on Golden Age comic book characters, except for the Blank Slate, which is a clever new creation. This campaign closes on August 28th.

- Sculptor Rocco Tartamella has a campaign to produce a 7-inch Street Fighter action figures. This campaign closes on August 20th.

- Mindzai has two campaigns going, both for vinyl figures. The DIY Lovebot campaign closes on August 30th and the Mayor Ford figure campaign closes on August 20th.

- Steamy Chums are art toys of animals with steampunk designs. The campaign closes on August 31st.

- Toy Vault has a campaign to produce a new party game, "But Wait, There's More!" This campaign closes on September 5th. If you are going to GenCon 2014 (August 14 to 17), you'll be able to see the game in person.

- Geared for Imagination is making flat-packed toy buildings that can be used as backdrops/playsets for construction brick toys and diecast cars. The Brikbilt campaign closes on August 19th.

- Monster Factory is raising funds to produce 10-inch plush toys based on mythical creatures: a unicorn, a dragon, and a Cthulhu. The Mythicals campaign closes on August 14th. Stretch goals include additional creatures - a pegasus, a yeti, and a sea creature.