IAmElemental: Series 2/Wisdom & 6-inch Courage Figure in 2015

IAmElemental Unveils "Courage" – The Newest Action Figure for Girls

Series 1/Courage Now Available; Courage Core Power Figure and Series 2/Wisdom Coming in 2015

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2015 -- IAmElemental (http://www.IAmElemental.com), the toy market's sole producer of collectible action figures designed specifically for girls, today announced the company's newest figure. To view "Courage," the Series 1 Core Power figure, visit http://www.iamelemental.com/courage-core-power/.

IAmElemental envisions girls as the creators of a play experience in which they are the active agents in a story of their own design, inviting them to develop their character by playing with "Elements of Power." Each series of seven 4" articulated figures, based on the Elements of Power, culminates in the release of a 6" Core Power figure which is a fusion of all Elements in the series.

"We launched Series 1/Courage in 2014, including Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence and Fear, and we were thrilled with the rave reviews from collectors, kids and their grownups worldwide," said Julie Kerwin, IAmElemental's Chief Elemental Officer.

"Like all of our action figures, our new Courage Core Power figure is a strong, healthy female, with a forward-thinking design and engineering that's rare among products geared towards girls. She shows that, when all of the Powers work together, they become something greater than they are individually," added Kerwin.

IAmElemental is a privately held, New York City-based company, founded in 2013. The company conducted a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 which was fully funded in two days, drawing backers from all 50 states and six continents.

Series 1/Courage is now available as Mystery Packs at a suggested retail of $9.99, and as a complete set of seven figures in a Lunchbox Carry Case at a suggested retail of $65. The Courage Core Power Figure and Series 2/Wisdom are scheduled to launch in 2015.

About IAmElemental: New York City-based IAmElemental is a privately held toy company creating the first-ever action figures for girls. IAmElemental envisions girls as the creators of a play experience in which they are the active agents in a story of their own design. Founded in 2013, the company launched Series 1/Courage via Kickstarter, and was named by TIME Magazine as one of the "25 Best Inventions of 2014" and "Top 10 Toys of 2014." "If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story"; "Play with power"; "It's character, not characters"; "Shared, everyone's powers grow stronger"; and "We have superpowers. Want some?" are trademarks of IAmElemental. For more information, visit http://www.IAmElemental.com, https://twitter.com/IAmElementalToy (#COURAGE), and https://www.facebook.com/IAmElemental.