Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates Photo Contest Winners Announced

March 2012 - With two full waves of Diamond Select Toys' Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates line out in stores, DST decided to hold a photo contest, to see who could stage the best fight scene. The winner would get a set of Minimates from every line DST made, plus some rare Minimate prizes, and that brought out some talented photographers! After some tough deliberation, DST came up with a winner, plus three runners-up.

The first runner-up was Jason Castick. Jason used a little Photoshop to make it look like Deadpol was braining Dante from Devil May Cry with his own power meter -- an actual in-game move! The action-packed shot easily landed him in the top four.

The second runner-up was Neta-Lee Wolfman, who showed Deadpool standing over a defeated Dormammu, who seems to be sinking into a lava bed... made of popcorn? Great lighting, Neta-Lee, and great use of a delicious snack.

The third runner-up was Eric Dlugokinski, who used his Photoshop skills to cast the shadow of final boss Galactus over a triumphant Wolverine, the battlefield littered with the bodies of his opponents.

The grand-prize winner was Bryan Markusen, who shot four of the game's fighters -- Hulk, Super-Skrull, Morrigan and Arthur -- on a field of rubble in an old factory by his house. Just like in real estate, this shot was all about location, location, location, and Bryan managed to create an epic, visually interesting shot with zero computer tricks.

Congrats to all the winners, and to see a gallery of all of the entries, click here:

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