Moore: Dean Yeagle's Mandy & Skoots Statue

Dean Yeagle's Mandy & Skoots

Clayburn Moore Brings Dean Yeagle's Curvaceous Mandy to Life in Upcoming Limited-Edition Statue!

April 2012 - Award-winning animator and Playboy cartoonist Dean Yeagle has granted The CS Moore Studio Ltd the license to release a statue based on his vivacious pinup dream girl, Mandy. The Dean Yeagle Mandy & Skoots Statue will be sculpted by Clayburn Moore, widely regarded for his beautiful interpretations of the female form.

After Dean's curvaceous Mandy appeared online in 2002 (a neo-Mandy was featured in one of Dean's Playboy cartoons that year), she's appeared in art books and original pieces for collectors and a number of Paris art galleries. Over the years she has developed a devoted fan following, eagerly waiting to see what situations the winsome cutie and her dog Skoots will find themselves in next.

The 1/6 scale statue, which will be produced in both cold-cast porcelain and true bronze, will show a surprised Mandy covering herself as she reaches after the mischievous Skoots, who has just absconded with her bikini top. Naughty Skoots!

"Dean Yeagle's Mandy is one of the great characters of the cartooning world," said Moore. "This will be a really fun piece to sculpt and I hope collectors will love her."

"I think that my background in animation has given Mandy a feeling of life and vitality that has been a great part of her appeal. Then again, maybe it's the fact that she so rarely wears any clothes..." says Dean.

The Dean Yeagle Mandy & Skoots Statue is scheduled to ship in 4th Quarter 2012. Full details and ordering information will be released at as they become available.

ABOUT THE CS MOORE STUDIO LTD: The CS Moore Studio Ltd. was founded by sculptor Clayburn Moore. With 20 years' experience in the collectibles business, Moore directs the CS Moore Studio Ltd, which creates licensed statues, busts, and more based on noted comic book and fantasy properties, as well as original creations.

ABOUT DEAN YEAGLE: Dean Yeagle started in animation in Philadelphia, PA . After marrying Barbara (also an artist, and musician) and the birth of their daughter Becky, the need for actual money drove them to New York, and a job as designer, animator and eventually director with one of the top animation houses in NYC. In 1986, with partner Nancy Beiman, he opened Caged Beagle Productions, Inc., a full-service animation studio, and has produced, directed, designed and animated innumerable TV commercials and CD-ROMs, with clients across the United States and Europe. Dean was named Animator of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society. He also does work for corporate clients, designing characters for various products, and works on a continuing series of children's books, designs the occasional toy, and contributes cartoons to Playboy magazine. In other words, he'll do pretty much whatever swims before his startled gaze.