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Gaming Heads Presents: DOOM Space Marine Plush

February 6th 2014: Continuing our range of unique licensed DOOM® plushes, today we're happy to launch our second installment – the ORIGINAL Space Marine. Adorably stylised and armed with his reliable Plasma Gun, he'll fit in perfectly amongst the DOOM Demon plushes we released last year.

Just like our Pain Elemental and Cacodemon plushes, the Space Marine is made from high-quality cloth materials, blending the perfect mix of cool and cute that DOOM fans will love. He's made to stand just under a foot tall at 11".

The DOOM Space Marine is in stock right now and available to purchase direct from our website here.

For more information about Gaming Heads or to order any of our products, please visit

QuakeCon Vinyl Toy Exclusive Announced

QuakeCon Vinyl Toy Exclusive Announced
Symbiote Studios to release 20th Anniversary Phobos Figure for QuakeCon

(Seattle, WA- July 29, 2013) Vinyl collectible toy makers Symbiote Studios has announced their QuakeCon Exclusive figure to be the much loved DOOM space marine Phobos from Quake III. Phobos stands 3.5 inches tall has two accessories and is made of high quality vinyl. QuakeCon is held every year in Dallas Texas and is best known as the largest free LAN party in the world. Doom/Quake developer John Carmack helped create the event so both Quake and DOOM related products at the show are in high demand. 8K attendees are expected this year and many in that community refer to it as the "Woodstock" of competitive video gaming. QuakeCon runs from August 1-4, 2013.

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