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DST Colossus Photo Contest Winners Announced

Presenting the Winners in DST's Marvel Select Colossus Photo Contest!

March 2012 - Congratulations to everyone who entered Diamond Select Toys' Colossal Marvel Select Photo Contest! While only four winners were chosen, DST received almost 30 photos of the Marvel Select Colossus figure, each one better than the last! You'd think that so many pictures of the same steel mutant would get repetitive after awhile, but the sheer variety of backgrounds and displays and lighting choices made each new entry a wonder to behold. Here are the winners!

The first runner-up was Alexander Villamor Diaz, who shot Colossus sizing up Juggernaut for a game of one-on-one. Colossus has even taken his shirt off for it! Juggernaut was a frequent player in these photos, but DST loved the angle and the drama created by the piece... plus the fact that the rubble surrounding Colossus all came from other Marvel Select display bases!

DST Colossus Photo Contest Prizes Revealed

Colossus Photo Contest Prizes Revealed!

March 2012 - The full prize packages have been revealed for the Colossus Photo Contest happening on Diamond Select Toys' Facebook page! Only a few days remain to take your picture of the new Marvel Select Colossus figure and maybe win a slew of Marvel Select X-Men figures!

marvel select action figures

Grand prize:
- Jean Grey and Rachel Summers Marvel Girl test shots with gates
- Cyclops (X-Factor variant)
- Magneto (unmasked variant)
- Deadpool (unmasked variant)
- Sabretooth (standard version)
- Gambit (long-haired variant)
- Juggernaut (unmasked variant)

Two runners-up will also be chosen to receive individual Marvel Select X-Men figures:
- Magneto (standard version)
- Gambit (standard version)

marvel select action figures

The Rules:

Marvel Select Photo Contest: Colossus Unbound!

marvel select Colossus action figure

March 2, 2012 - The word has come down from collectors that Colossus is one of the best Marvel Select figures Diamond Select Toys has made in a long time -- possibly ever! So we're asking you to take pictures of him! Send us a picture of your Colossus in the coolest pose and setting, whether it's as part of a killer diorama on your shelf or in a brutal fight scene or out and about in the real world, and you can win a massive Marvel Select prize pack! The winner will get six Marvel Select X-Men figures, including some rare chase figures, plus an unpainted pre-production test shot of one of our past X-Men figures! It's our biggest Marvel Select X-Men-themed photo contest ever!


- Take a photo in which the Marvel Select Colossus figure is the central character. You can include other figures or just Colossus, but all of the toys in the photo should be from Diamond Select Toys. No toys from other toy companies will be allowed. Photos with obvious non-DST content will be deleted.

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