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New Comic Book Hero To Champion Bullied Kids

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New Comic Book Hero To Champion Bullied Kids

Best-Selling Self-Help Author & Guru Silva Mirzoian Introduces Superpowered Crusader To Come To The Aid of Brutalized Young Teens

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2013 -- Having effected positive change in the lives of thousands of women through her best-selling book, "Jump Start Your Life," noted self-help guru Silva Mirzoian will launch (February 1), a new series of comic books dedicated to restoring self-esteem and peace of mind of millions of kids facing bullying and oppressive peer pressures. The author asserts that "bullying, personal and on-line, is a national epidemic afflicting many teens and pre-teens, shattering lives, leading to suicides and immobilizing depression. Our children need a champion to help them battle villains as destructive as any Superman or Batman ever faced."

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