Tic Stac Toe

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Tic Stac Toe Game & Free App

Accomplice Productions Launches Exciting New 3D Strategy Game TIC STAC TOE™ at American International Toy Fair in New York City

"A whole new dimension to a classic game"

New York, New York -- Feb 2013 – -- Next week, new gamers on the block Accomplice Productions blast into the 110th American International Toy Fair with TIC STAC TOE™ a new and insanely addicting game based on one of the oldest games around.

TIC STAC TOE™ is a fresh take on a classic game that dates back over two thousand years. Everyone is familiar with the game of tic tac toe we played as kids: TIC STAC TOE™ takes that simple concept and revolutionizes it by literally adding a new dimension to the game play - a third dimension. The result is a game that is familiar and simple, yet that quickly escalates into an intense match of wits demanding focus and careful planning as pieces STAC up higher and higher on top of each other. Players challenge one another on a unique game board that can expand from a 3x3 configuration to 4x4 and even a 5x5 for the most complex challenge of all.

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