NECA Simpson Guest Star figures are out

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I had more or less forgotten about this line until I found them at Toys R Us this weekend. There are six figures: coach Homer, Yao Ming, Kid Rock, James Brown, Hugh Hefner and Tom Hanks. All six are available as 5 inch figures or 2.5 inch unarticulated figures that are sold in either a 6 pack or a trio of 2 packs. $12 each is more than I would have wanted to pay, but when I saw that they would actually fit in with the Playmates WOS figures, I bought the entire series.
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I grabbed Yao, Homer, Tom Hanks and James Brown this weekend. They didn't have Hef or Kid Rock left, so I will keep an eye for them.

Nice to see these and NECA did their usual fantastic job on these.