Latest Stocking Trend at Target...1 figure vs. 1 case

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While on the hunt for the SW Black Series Biker Scout, I noticed a very odd stocking trend with a few local Targets when it comes to the Black Series 3 3/4. I walked in one day to find 1 Dagobagh Luke hanging on one of 4 empty pegs. I thought I must have missed a case, but then 2 days later a Toran Farr (sp) showed up on a bashed card. This was strange I thought so I called a buddy who works at a Target in North Florida and he says that is they way his store has been stocking these for the past 6 months. They get full cases for all of the other SW Lines except for SW Black Series 3 3/4.

So is Target turning into Walgreens getting one or 2 figures per shipment or is Target just being cheap. Finding any New SW 3 3/4 has been beyond difficult so I try to pre-order when I can, but this shocks me as Hasbro continues to alienate the line of products that started it all.

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old news as it has been reported about 2-3 weeks ago, but obviously new news as some of you are unaware. just like tru will be getting in a full aisle (both sides) completely dedicated to sw. and I mean both sides of one aisle. so I believe that there is roughly 36-40 feet per one side of an aisle, then sw will have anywhere from 72-80 ft of displaying product.

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Way back when I worked retail both at Target and Kmart, both received cases of mixed merchandise for small items or items which they did not want to carry a full case. So receiving items in less than a full case quantity is nothing new. Though I don't know why they would suddenly be doing it for just one action figure line. Perhaps they were just not able to order enough of them, so rather than just supply one store with a case and leave the shelves empty in the other stores, they may be breaking up the cases to share them between the stores.

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And then brick & mortar stores wonder why sales are down...