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Originally, when setting up the way the forum is displayed, I thought we would try to mimic the old Buzz by having the replies nest/thread under the post it was replying to.

In theory, this was nicer than in practice. The indented boxes were nice and all, but it got confusing to try and follow threads once they had more than a few posts.

I apologize for that. It turned out to be just plain annoying, but I had meant well.

I talked it over with Rob and we agreed that it would be best to change it to put the replies at the end of the thread like people are used to seeing from every forum on the Internet except the old Buzz. And then he asked, "I thought there was an option for people to set it however they want to see it?"

Oh yeah. There is. I had forgotten all about that.

Now the default view is "flat list - expanded" - that will have the full text of each post, with the replies at the bottom of the whole thread. But at the top of the thread, after the first post, there's a section of drop-down boxes for you to set how you want to see the thread.

So (again, in theory), this should make everyone happy. Except the people who get sick of scrolling past that inch or so of drop-down boxes in every thread. (Personally, I give myself until about Thursday before I get sick of it...)

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Joined: 2010-06-07

Thanks for the efforts.

Just add some extra plants in the lobby and maybe a coffee table with cookies and milk near the entrance Smile


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Joined: 2012-01-03

Can we get a coffee machine in here?

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I was confused, but then I got used to those drop down boxes. Decisions, decisions...

Joined: 2012-01-04

Having options is great. Thank you!