Top 5 Favorite Marvel Universe/ Marvel Movie 3 3/4" Figures

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You can combine any Marvel 3 3/4" figure from MU to Spiderman, Cap etc.

5. Dr. Doom
4. Moon Knight
3. Deadpool Origins version
2. Mr. Sinister
1. Heroic Age Bucky Cap

I know I have forgotten a few choices, but this is what comes right from top of my head.


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All Marvel Universe:

5. Hobgoblin
4. Hulk (from the Classic Avengers set)
3. Dr. Doom
2. Dr. Strange
1. Thanos

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Maverick, Apocalypse, Ultimates Cap, Thanos & Sabretooth also come to mind.

I am still amazed that Maverick has actually been made at all.