Transformers Collectors Club Update

runamuck action figure

February 27, 2012 - The Official Transformers Collectors Club has released an update about recent issues:


We wanted to give you the latest update on the current procedure for membership renewals and NEW memberships. As we continue to work to resolve the online store issues, we have put up a PDF that members can download and print out. These will need to be mailed in with a check or money order. We will process your membership as soon as they arrive. Just click the "Join Now" button on the main page at

Please note that the March 16th deadline is still a hard deadline (in house), so please make sure any mail is in the postal system by March 9th. If we could move the date we would, but that is not an option as these have to be processed due to existing schedules.

If you want to receive the free club exclusive Runamuck, your membership must be active as of March 16th. If your club expiration date is after March 16th you are good to go for this years figure.

Finally, please note. While we do not anticipate running out of Runamuck, the response to this years Free Membership figure has been amazing. We do not expect to have many extra's to sell through the club store. The best bet to ensure that you get this great figure is to sign up or renew today!

Thanks as always and we do apologize for any inconvenience!