Gatchaman / G-Force..anything new?

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I could I swear I remember a movie preview about 2 years ago..but don't recall ever seeing an actual movie.

Has anyone heard news about the property? This seems like a no-brainer for figures, vehicles etc.


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Well, that was depressing. I just tried to find one of my favorite Gatchaman blogs, "The White Shadow" (named after Ken/Mark) and found that it has been shut down by the owner. Regardless, I am a big Gatchafan too, and I also remember the movie preview. I looked it up on IMDB and found some interesting information (still can't get used to being able to type that here! Big smile ):

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No the movie is completely dead. IMAGI shut down their animation studio so they probably couldn't complete it even if they wanted to. Their parent company apparently still has the film rights though.