Marvel Legends -- to keep or sell off?

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Okay, I know this sounds like a loaded discussion but I'm curious about what others have done.

Let me preface this-- I'm a 1:18 guy. Always have been thanks to childhood of Star Wars and G.I. Joe. It's my preferred scale and still makes up the vast majority of my collection. However, I got into Marvel Legends back when they debuted HARD! Factor in all of the various other "Legends" and Legends-scale product that Toybiz put out and I ended up with a HUGE assortment of the Toybiz ML figures and BAF's. I even snagged a few of the Hasbro Legends before the price ultimately drove me away. (Curse you Hulk Legends!)

However, now there's the 1:18 Marvel Universe and movie lines. I've already been able to duplicate a lot of my MU collection in the smaller scale and even have some more "in scale" giant figures. Yet I've been holding onto all of my Toybiz stuff for some reason. Now that the g/f and I are looking to move forward and buy a house, I've been thinking that it might be time to pare things down and I keep looking at that giant tub of Marvel Legends in the corner.

Has anyone ditched ML in favor of MU? Any regrets? Was it even worth selling the ML off?


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If I was a 1:18 guy, I would definitely consider selling off my MLs, minus BAFs, thanks to Marvel Universe. Hasbro has done a good job with character selection and quickly, as the 1:18 scale allows.

To go in the opposite direction, I stayed away from MU until the price dropped and quality improved. Then, I purchased my share. When I went to set them up in a new, cleaned off area, I realized that I liked MU, but I didn't love MU. I think I bought them because of characters and the lack of one of my favorite scales for this property, the 6-Inch scale. And with Marvel returning in that scale, I decided to drop MU. I haven't sold off what I have yet, and I may never sell them since I struggle to get rid of stuff, but I decided to stop spending money on them and one day, like you, I may consider selling off what I have just sitting in boxes since it is not my favorite scale and I have my favorite scale to satisfy me and that property (Marvel).

So I say... SELL! But keep a few that you really like Wink

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I'm definitely in the same boat as you on this. I've listed some of my ML figures here on the Market Buzz for a while now and not had a single nibble on them. I haven't had the guts to gamble putting them on ebay yet. I don't need the money quite bad enough to give them away like that. It would be great if I could find someone abandoning MU to return to ML now and do some trading.

I think the big thing is to do the research on ebay and see if they are selling for a price you are comfortable with.

And surely MU won't go by the wayside in favor of ML again would it?



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I've trained myself to be selective based on characters alone.

While this prevents me from having everything same-scale, I know I have the versions of each character that I like, rather than one that just matches.

For example, the MU Sinister, Deadpool, Apocalypse (NOT BAF) are far better than the ML versions in my opinion while the ML Spiderman, Wolverine and Winter Soldier are superior.

I gave up trying to focus on one scale and simply sold off the MLs I thought I could live without and made decent money doing so.

You probably have some golden items there....especially if you sell ML Deadpool.


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With the buzz building on MLs due to the new Hasbro figs, I would sell now if I were you. I sold all mine off a couple years ago due to unemployment, and lost money on every figure; but I needed to money. Now, I can't believe some of the prices I see on the older MLs that I sold for $3-6. Now they're like $20+ figures, damn near all of them.

I switched to MU like you(even though we're now paying for an MU what we used to pay for MLs. But that's a whole other argument).


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I love, love, LOVE Marvel Legends. ML, GUNDAM Wing, & the Playmates Simpsons line are the reasons I'm adult collector today. I have *almost* every ML w/the exception of a few boxsets, the last few ToyBiz variants, first few Hasbro waves, & the TRU 2-packs. Lately, I've been thinking about thinning the collection & just keeping my absolute faves. There are a lot of figures like Blackheart & Skrull Elektra that I don't even like, but bought out of habit or for a BAF. I'm trying to be selective w/the new Hasbro Legends, but unfortunately I've wanted both BAFs released so far. As a result, I'm either forced to buy BAF pieces off eBay or sell unwanted figures. As of tonight, I'm going to be doing the latter. Another reason I'm thinking about selling off so many ML's is because the lack of a uniform look. W/DCUC, the 4H have a style unique to them & all the figures fit together style wise. Not so w/ML. My ML shelves look sloppy compared to my DCUC shelves.

I've been pretty good about MU. I'm not sure how it happened, but I've somehow amassed about 15 MU figures. I did go nuts on the Iron Man & Captain America lines though. I like the scale of MU, but the build is not where I want them to be. They feel cheap compared to all the G.I. JOES I own & want Marvel figures comparable in quality.

My suggestion would be to sell. Your heart is in 1:18 scale. Keep a few ML's that your truly love & embrace MU.