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DST On Sale May 2: Marvel Minimates Series 44 and Halo Minimates Series 4

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May 2, 2012 - It's Wednesday again, which means it's time to visit Ye Olde Local Comic Booke Shoppe to pick up the latest releases. (It's also Free Comic Book Day, so some of those comics might not cost you a dime!) But besides comics, your local shop should also be getting in some sweet new Minimates from Diamond Select! Marvel Minimates Series 44, featuring some George Perez-style Avengers, and the Halo Series 4 Box Set, featuring Master Chief and Cortana, both hit stores today. If your local shop doesn't have them, order them today, or find an online retailer who can hook you up!

Find your closest comic shop at! And get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Halo Minimates Series 4 Packaging Revealed

Halo Minimates Series 4

May 1, 2012 - The next series of Halo Minimates is hitting comic shops tomorrow and Toys "R" Us stores any day now, so we thought we'd show you the packaging for this amazing assortment. The two-packs will only be at TRU, the four-pack is only at comic shops and specialty stores -- both have Master Chief and Cortana, but the rest of the figures are only available at their respective locations! Check out the carded pics and collect them all!

Pre-order the TRU two-packs at, and find your closest comic shop at! And get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Halo Minimates Series 4

Marvel Minimates Series 44 Packaging Revealed

Marvel Minimates Series 44

May 1, 2012 - Just in time for the Avengers movie, it's Marvel Minimates Series 44! Featuring the comic-book versions of some of the most famous Avengers, these two-packs will be available exclusively at comic shops and specialty stores starting tomorrow! Each Minimate is 2 inches tall, fully poseable and comes packed with accessories and interchangeable parts. Thor comes with an alternate head, Giant-Man comes with all the parts to turn him into Ant-Man, and be on the lookout for the rare variant set featuring Ant-Man II, a.k.a. Scott Lang!

Pick these figures up at your local comic shop, specialty store or your favorite online retailer! You can find your nearest comic shop at! And get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Marvel Minimates Series 44

The X-Men Face the Brood in Marvel Minimates Series 47

Marvel Minimates Series 47

April 2012 - Of all the aliens that have invaded Earth in Marvel Comics over the years -- the Skrulls, the Kree, the Chitauri, the Dire Wraiths -- none are quite so unpleasant as the Brood. But that unpleasantness makes them the subject of some great stories, which is why the next series of Marvel Minimates features the Brood alongside their frequent foes, the Uncanny X-Men!

DST Announces The Expendables Minimates

The Expendables Get Collectable! Two Sets of Minimates Coming This Summer

April 2012 - On-screen, the stars of the instant-classic action film The Expendables are all larger-than-life, but in the real world, many of them are no bigger than you or me. Jason Statham? Five-foot-nine. Sylvester Stallone? Five-foot-nine-and-a-half. Jet Li? Five-foot-six-and-a-quarter. So translating all of them into 2-inch Minimates minifigures was a piece of cake!

This summer, DST will release two sets of Expendables Minimates, one at Toys "R" Us and one at comic shops and specialty stores.

The Expendables Minimates

The Toys "R" Us set will feature:
- Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone)
- Trent Mauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
- James Munroe (Eric Roberts)
- Paine (Steve Austin)

The Expendables Minimates

And the Specialty set will feature:

Final Diamond Select Avengers Figures Unveiled at C2E2

diamond select avengers movie toys

Loki's Army Revealed! The Final Diamond Select Avengers Figures Unveiled At C2E2

April 2012 - If you were lucky enough to be at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this past weekend, you were treated to a major unveiling! The final figures in Diamond Select Toys' Avengers toy lines were finally shown to the public, providing a detailed look at Loki's Army from the highly anticipated film!

As part of Marvel Minimates Series 45, a 2-inch minifigure of Loki's Army Footsoldier will come out in early May as part of a two-pack with Maria Hill. And be on the lookout for a rare variant set, which will pair the Footsoldier with his even more intimidating General!

diamond select avengers movie toys

DST & IDW Unleash Battle Beasts at C2E2

Battle Beasts

Diamond Select Toys and IDW to Unleash the Battle Beasts at C2E2!

San Diego, CA (April 13, 2012) - Since 2010, Diamond Select Toys has been searching to find the right partner to introduce their Battle Beasts brand to a broader audience. Now the search is over, and DST and IDW Publishing have teamed up to immortalize a new breed of Beasts! At this year's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), which runs from April 13-15, the two companies will offer a taste of what's to come: DST will give out an ashcan preview of IDW's upcoming BATTLE BEASTS comic-book mini-series, as well as an exclusive promo Minimate of one of the book's lead characters!

Battle Beasts

Win Signed Marvel Minimates from Series 43

Marvel Minimates Series 43

April 2012 - This week, Diamond Select Toys is giving away a set of Marvel Minimates Series 43 -- yes, that's the set with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Jean DeWolff and the Sin-Eater, among others. But the set they're giving away is a special one -- its been signed by acclaimed comics writer Peter David! The man who wrote the Jean DeWolff Saga this series is based on has signed all four packs: Spidey/Jean, DD/Sin-Eater, J. Jonah Jameson/SHIELD Agent and even the rare variant Aunt May/SHIELD Agent. And all you have to do is:

1. Follow @Minimates on Twitter.
2. Tweet "@Minimates" and #PeterDavidRulz
3. Sit back and wait for DST to pick a winner!

The drawing will happen on Tuesday, April 17. You can enter once per day, so Tweet early and often!

Marvel Minimates Series 43

Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates Photo Contest Winners Announced

March 2012 - With two full waves of Diamond Select Toys' Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates line out in stores, DST decided to hold a photo contest, to see who could stage the best fight scene. The winner would get a set of Minimates from every line DST made, plus some rare Minimate prizes, and that brought out some talented photographers! After some tough deliberation, DST came up with a winner, plus three runners-up.

The first runner-up was Jason Castick. Jason used a little Photoshop to make it look like Deadpol was braining Dante from Devil May Cry with his own power meter -- an actual in-game move! The action-packed shot easily landed him in the top four.

The second runner-up was Neta-Lee Wolfman, who showed Deadpool standing over a defeated Dormammu, who seems to be sinking into a lava bed... made of popcorn? Great lighting, Neta-Lee, and great use of a delicious snack.

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