A Fabulous New Plush Toy Monster Company Is Created!

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Hug-gable Monstrosities - Hugstrosity! We are a most fabulous plush toy monster company and present to you our Unique Plush Teddy Bear Tentacle Monsters!

Link here: Brown Bear Tentacle Monster

Link here: Black Bear Tentacle Monster

Link here: Red Bear Tentacle Monster

These monstrously adorable Teddy Bear Tentacle Monsters are our latest creations. They would just love to come home with you! They are approximately 18 inches (45.72 cm) long for good sizes and have eight tentacles that come in light-grey and black, neon-green and black polka dot and black and white stripes. Unusual stuffed animals to say the least.

All of the Hugstrosity(tm) monsters are very happy creatures and are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Some favorite activities include perching in high places and leering down at the unsuspecting, sitting on your shoulder at social events as a conversation starter, nibbling at your ear, and wearing eight of your socks at one time.

Have you considered toy quality and safety? Absolutely! As our monsters tend to be given as gifts, the enjoyment and safety of your loved ones is our concern too! Our monsters are made from our designs to our high standards with all new materials. They are manufactured to conform to International Toy Safety Law and can meet European and US standards.

We recommend ages 3 and up.