Late to the party: DCUC Crime Syndicate of Amerika

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This boxset was one of those "this costs how much?!" DCUC purchases I pa$$ed over when they first hit the (Walmart) shelves. There's nothing I like better than getting an entire team in one boxset, and these slightly obscure figures were more than simple repaints, but I'm glad I waited until these guys were discounted a bit.

I also passed on almost all the DCD versions of these guys...except for Johnny Quick. (I'm a sucker for red...or vac-metal...plastic.) I almost picked up that old DCD Owlman, just for his camp value...sometimes I wish I had.

The reviews on OAFE say it all. This is a better-than-average boxset. The "dark" Owlman is a great figure...maybe Best of the Box...I like him better than the "accurate" paintjob they had planned at one point. The more modern Johnny Quick What in the world is Power Ring's emblem supposed to connote? Even Super Woman impresses me more than earlier DCUC sculpts of female figures. At least SW can remain standing (on heels) unassisted!

(I did fix SW up with a golden lariat from my parts box...would it have killed them to have included this accessory?)

Ultraman is a bit dweebish looking; Worst of Box. I prefer the sculpt that came in that 2-pack with "Upsidedown Bootcuff" Luthor.