DST Battle Beast Minimates...LCS Series 1

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The "New" Diamond Select Battle Beast Minimates finally arrived at local comic shops this week and for once, me talking about minimates, I have to say...meh.

I was really excited for these when I got the SDCC 2012 exclusive 2 pack last Summer, but I never read the comic and got only a couple of the convention Battle Gators that have been floating around. The initial Press Pictures are a lot nicer than the finished product. With the LCS Assortment, you get 2 exclusive human charactors which are completely out of scale and look to be higher quality that the beasts. The BB are just too small and the QC on the paint application is all over the place. I am glad that the shop I went to had ordered 2 cases and I got to pick through all of the 2 packs on the shelf to get my set.

While I really have to applaud DS on the sculpts and engineering of the figures, poor apps can kill a great figure everytime. My most wanted of the line, Gruntos the Walrus, looks tiny compared to Tate (human), and his flat paint scheme is very disappointed. I was so disappointed overall, I didn't open any of them...maybe tonight.

I am hoping the paint scheme for the Series 1 TRU assortment is better than these; just way too many scuffs and misprints. The price was also $9.99 per 2 pack, which would not be that bad had the QC was better. DST have been outstanding the past year with Marvel and Walking Dead, but the line may be a one and done which is a shame because if DST had got these out 2 or 3 years ago when they wanted to, Lego's Chima would look like the copy cat but...