I went to a Mattel Toy Store Outlet... and came home with nothing

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After seeing pics of amazing amounts of Matty Collector stuff (MotU, Ghostbusters, etc) at one of the California Mattel stores, I made a trip to the Wilmot, WI store this weekend.

It is basically in the middle of nowhere. Most of the stuff was priced pretty much in line with retail stores, but here's what I remember and approximate prices...

They had a few of the recent DC Classics 2 packs for around $32 (AzBats/Batman, Yellow Hal/Blue Kyle.)
Young Justice Build an Amazo 2 packs for regular retail price
Young Justice singles (nothing exciting, Icicle Jr, Walmart Kid Flash), don't recall price
DC Action League Flashpoint wave for $3.99ish

WWE - Legends for approx $8 - only Texas Tornado (they had 3)
A few odd WWE Rumblers packs I'd never seen at retail
Nothing else of note, no Matty Collector stuff

Matty Collector stuff they did have...

DC Retro Action John Stewart - approximately $6
JLU Stripe - approximately $8 (had plenty!)
JLU Doom Patrol set - approximately $8 (only had 1)
2009 JLU Green Lantern 3 pack exlusive - $6ish (had plenty!)
JLU Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman 3 pack - $7ish (only had 1)

No Ghostbusters, no Masters of the Universe. Makes sense that the CA store had them since they are closer, but still disappointing. Had pretty much the same experience with the Middleton, WI store previously.

If you were doing just random girl/boy birthday shopping, they had plenty of decent deals, but wasn't a good stop for shopping for anything in specific.