18" NECA Batman '66

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I just wanted to comment on my new 1/4 scale Adam West Batman figure. As I've said before, I was NOT a fan of the 1966 Batman series. (I WAS a fan of the contemporary Green Hornet series back in '66, however. The former was campy in a bad way, the latter in a good way...IMHO.) Nonetheless I have to admit that the old Batman TV show at least got the first & cardinal rule of live action super hero dramas RIGHT: the superfolks need to look great on screen, in costume. Adam & Burt had great looking outfits. Gnome sayin'?


I picked up that 1:12 Batman & Robin figure set (and the Riddler) a few months ago, but I could not believe my eyes when I saw the 1"4 scale NECA Batman '66. OK, I'd expect such a well-sculpted figure from HotToys, but given that NECA's offering is more-or-less a LOW-END figure, coming in at under $100...well, I was all the more shocked when my NECA Batman arrived in the mail yesterday.

Usually I cannot open any new figure without instantly trying to determine what needs to be tweaked, kitbashed, customized, or at least repainted/touched up...not so much in this case. Aside from the usual stubborn joints that threaten to break, this guy seems perfect to me. I wish the ab-crunch was a bit less evident...that's about it. The matte finish on his grey uniform is spot-on.

The included "batarang rope" is pretty short, silly & useless (I did replace this item with a reasonable length of thin, black leather cord...so I guess I DID customize this guy!), but otherwise his accessories are great! I could frankly do without fist hands, but the other 2 sets are appreciated and do not require heat/excessive caution to swap out. The batarangs, utility belt & batwalkie talkie are on-model. The cloth cape is very well done, and matches not only the color but also the satiny texture of his matching gloves, trunks & boots. The show-stopper however, is the cowl/likeness...astoundingly good!

I wish NECA had released an 18" Burt Ward/Robin to complement this '66 Batman figure...perhaps if this one sells they shall...?

I never liked Michael Keaton (and his "perm") as Batman either, but NECA's 1:4 scale Keaton Batman might be just as nice!