Selling off my stuff!

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Hey all,

Big smile Recent good events in my life have brought me to the point where I'm selling off my collection (how often do people sell off for good reasons, huh?).

I have 30+ years of collectibles from being both a collector (I never threw stuff out as a kid) and a graphic designer in the toy industry.

Because of my new job and the long travel I only ship on Saturday's so every Sunday I put stuff up for a 5 day auction starting at low prices because I just want to move stuff!

Just to give you an idea of what's coming: Marvel legends, DC Universe, old BTAS, Star wars, anime, mini mates, kubricks, marx toys, avatar the last airbender prototypes, fast food premiums, wrestling figures, as well as guitar gear and even some of my girlfriends trendy designer clothes.

Please bookmark my page and check back often: