1:6th Scale "K-Stone" Spears?

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If you bought one of those wonderful (and pricey!) 1:6 scale Sideshow Armored Batmen, you may have wondered why it didn't come with the kryptonite-pointed spear that Batman would have OBVIOUSLY needed (armored suit notwithstanding) to stand a fighting chance against Superman. (Talk about predictable. Anyone might have guessed before ever seeing the rather mediocre Dawn of Justice movie that Batman would have had to employ some kryptonite at some point, right?)

Well, I wondered about this omission.

I noticed that Cotswold was selling two versions of an "aftermarket" spear: A glow-in-the-dark version, and a battery-powered version. I decided to opt for the latter, and it arrived yesterday.

The spear itself looks great...just like it did in the film. And it works just fine, but all was not exactly as expected. The spear itself comes with a single flesh-colored gripping hand, which is strange enough...moreover...

I have never in my life seen a battery resembling the MICROSCOPIC one that came with the "k-stone" spear (I suppose they referred to "k-stone" to avoid any copyright infringement?). I have no idea what numerical model designation is associated with this item, but I dare you to visit your local Batteries Plus store to locate a replacement; I doubt that any exist.

Not only is the battery extremely small (~0.5inch long) to fit inside the narrow shaft, but the battery has an even tinier built-in switch at one end. So, to turn the k-stone on & off, you simply tighten or loosen the stone from the spear's shaft. This works fine, and the illuminated stone looks great...but whether you'll ever be able to locate a replacement battery when this one wears out? YMMV.

You may want to opt for the less spectacular, perhaps, but less problematic glow-in-the-dark version. You may to, in any event, because I Cotswold may have already sold out of the battery-powered version.