Power Lords pre-order update - they've added some army-builders

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"Many of you have requested it and we’ve listened – we’re now going to be adding two Power Builder figures to our Power Lords pre-order so you can build your Power Lords armies!

These two figures will utilize the same articulation configuration and weapons as the other Power Soldiers in this wave, but will be sporting much less paint, allowing us to offer them to fans at a lower price point. While the normal 4″ scaled Power Lords figure sells for $22.00 each, plus shipping, each Power Builder figure will only be $15.00 each, plus shipping. And YES! There will be a specially priced six-pack option for the Power Builder figures!

The Light Power Builder is decked out in all white armor with a black visor, and will come with 2 Power blades, Ion Blaster gun, Power Staff – all cast in black. The Dark Power Builder is sporting all black armor with a red visor, and will come with 2 Power blades, Ion Blaster gun, Power Staff – all cast in silver.

Please note that the Power Lords All-In set will NOT include the Dark Power Builder figure or the Light Power Builder figure, but we will be able to combine separate orders to save you money on shipping charges with this pre-order.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of these two amazing new figures later today at http://www.StoreHorsemen.com"

I don't know why they waited to do this until there's less than a week left in the pre-order period (for those who haven't been following, they need to hit a minimum pre-order amount for this wave to even happen), but it's not like it's the first mistake they've made with this.