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Here's where you tell any and all (TRUE) paranormal/unexplainable happenings or experiences. We've all had them. That moment where you have to take a step back, and just say out loud "What did I just see?".

Share them here!

I have one. A few years back I was driving home late at night, early morning, working third shift. It's about 3:45 Am or so. And I'm talking backwoods, country ass highway, with not a person in sight. I'm driving along, just listening to the radio, on a nice, perfectly cool summer night when I see BRIGHT orange lights flying in the sky. I'd never seen that color of lights before on any aircraft. And here they are, flying perfectly in a triangular formation almost directly above me. Weird, orangish, amber lights that I can't even begin to properly describe.

The way they were flying was strange, as well. They were moving too slow for an airplane. And they defiantely were not helicopter. The reason I knew that is because being the only person on the expressway, I slowed down to almost a crawl, turned down my radio, and stuck my head out of my car. NO SOUND. I'm talking ZERO. Even the blimp from our area leaves a humming noise. This was giving off nothing.

As it was passing over me, I could see the outline of whatever these lights were attached to blocking out the stars. This thing was HUGE, low to the ground, triangular craft. And barely floating across the sky. Like I said, no fast enough for a jet.

Imagine the O's as the lights, and trace an outline around the o's, and that's what I saw that night.




Another story is I do believe I've seen a Bigfoot. Down on my wife and I's honeymoon, to be exact.
We were down in Tennessee (where I grew up, as she had never been there), and we were driving through the Smokey National Park to get over to Clingman's Dome (which, if you've never done that trek, do it. It's part of the Appalachian Trail). Anyway, we stop at one point off the baten path so I could take a piss. As I'm walking back to my car, I see off in the distance this huge, dark mass at the top of a ledge way up on the side of a mountain. I don't think anything of it until I see it rise from a squatting position to a raised position. About a quarter mile away, I'm staring at this huge, furry, dark, bipedal THING. And, of course, my first inclination is a black bear. Way too average in the area to be anything but. However, this this was more human shaped. And way, WAY too big to be a black bear, which while they get big, they don't get THAT big. I'd estimate (and it's hard to say. Like I said, this was a good quarter mile away..maybe slightly less) it was around 6-7 foot tall. Most black bears I've seen don't get that large.

Plus the creeps I got from this thing, like it was staring back at me.....*shudder*. I ran back to the car and drove off quickly.

Alright, YOUR turn! Smile

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lol..alright, and apparently my triangular demonstration of the object I saw in the sky won't work. A triangle with lights, okay?? lol

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I saw a ghost when I was a teen,saw this old lady in white walk past my bedroom door at night,I covered myself from head to toe under the blanket and went to sleep,next morning I told my parents and by the description I gave,they said it was probably my uncle's Grandmother,the creepy part,my uncle was staying with us in the room I saw the ghost walk into,recovering from a car accident! Another time,I had a dog who would start barking like crazy at one of the apartment doors in my building,the door to an apartment where a guy had accidentally shot and killed one of his friends! And not so long ago I was sitting on my bed and I swear I felt the mattress move like if someone had sat down next to me.