LEGO Batcave mini-review!!!

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I wasn't quite sure I could justify $70 on this thing (let alone the
$90 that TRU wants to charge)... but then I bought and built the
Batwing, Luthor-bot and Cat-cycle sets and thought, "yes, I want a
bloody LEGO Batcave."

It's pretty impressive; the build took awhile (I didn't think I'd be
able to finish by the time I had to work yesterday, but I did-barely),
and it was fun to do. The vehicles that come with it are both nice
(Bane's drill tank) and a little mediocre (the Bat-cycle). There's
plenty of fun to be had with the holding cell, which is detachable
from the rest of the unit and stays in place very well, and the Bat-
computer is pure dorky goodness. I currently have Bats taking council
in his chair with Supes and WW standing nearby. The working gate is
cool, although I'm not sure if the Batmobile can fit through the door.
The only thing that doesn't impress me about this set overall is the
elevator to 'change' Bruce into Batman. I was expecting a crank or a
thumbwheel, but instead there's a pin holding the Batman part of the
elevator up; remove said pin, push Bruce down the shoot, and plop,
Batman just drops rather suddenly and unceremoniously at the bottom of
the shaft. It's not a deal-breaker for me, but seeing as how Bane's
drill tank has not one, not two, but FOUR cogs inside to get the
drillbit to spin, I would've thought more attention would be given to
the elevator.
There's a few nice touches in the details: the red emergency phone at
the top of the lift, the little bat that hangs from the bridge, the
wall with the bat-gear. Having not owned any previous LEGO Bat-sets, I
think it's an awesome display piece and well worth the money for a
LEGO set. And if your kids are Bat-fans, they'll love it.

Swift, hoping for a Hall of Justice soon!