Looking for Vintage TPM at Walmert? Read this...

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Several stores here in Northern NJ have been putting out "The Cube" display which is a nice display packed with all the new Vintage and WM Exclusive wave..in different parts of the store other than toys.

My friend found multiples of each figure at the back end of aisles in our local NJ store and was told by the Hasbro Rep that the Manager asked him to get rid of the display since it took up too much space, so he was left scavenging shelf space as there were not enough pegs to accommodate.

The week before he found them in Lawn/Seasonal section on one store and in the Clearance area at another, all in NJ.

The Hasbro Rep is a cool guy and always offers us information and basically stated he is frustrated at the lack of caring that the Store Managers have for a product that is tied into a new, hot movie and related property.

Make sure you look all over before leaving empty-handed kids!