Just got out of a Chicago Advanced screening of the Avengers... Spoiler Free

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Well... I'd like to start out by saying that I think the glut of figures on the shelves at Target/Walmart/Toysrus are going to be bare sooner than later.... because the movie I think is better than the hype.

Tony Stark and the Hulk, steal the show.... but you probably could have guessed Downey Jr. would be awesome as he has been in the past. The Hulk was kind of a shocker.... and of course he has the worst action figure representation out of all the Avengers... go figure.

I'm really looking forward to taking the family to see it again this weekend if I can. Really.... non stop action from start to finish.

I was at a special screening hosted by Acura.... because they used Acura for all the Shield cars in the movie. Acura actually pulled out all the stops.... maybe 500 in attendance... with an after party, but no cast members. Just an all out awesome night due to a great movie. Normally I hate movies with tons of characters in it but somehow Josh was able to give everyone balanced face time that was appropriate. In the credits, I noticed John Favareau or however you spell his last name in the credits as well.... which I thought made sense because of how the movie had a touch of Iron Man in it....

Of course, there is a special extra ending that happens after the major contributors of the movie roll through the credits so hang for a little extra in the theater when the movie ends.... Thank god you don't have to wait until the very end of the credits....

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There is a second bonus scene at the end of the credits.