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Ares Games Partners to Relaunch the Brand Wotan Games

Ares Games Partners to Relaunch the Brand Wotan Games

Ares will publish British-based Wotan Games' new release Camelot the Build

Camaiore, Italy - February 28, 2013 - Ares Games announced today that they have entered into a publishing contract with Wotan Games to produce Wotan Games' Camelot the Build, the first product from Wotan Games in more than twenty years.

Camelot the Build is from game designer Julian Musgrave and continues Wotan Games theme of the Arthurian legend. It is a tile laying game of medieval castle building with all sorts of dubious stratagems, cunning tricks and subtle ploys.

"I have known the team at Ares for a number of years and found them to be great people," said Laurence O'Brien, Director of Business Development for Wotan Games. "Looking at the quality of their production and games it was a logical step to work with them."

"Wotan Games have always offered great games and when they approached us we saw the proven track record," said Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games. "They are looking to create quality hobby products and it has been great working with them."

Ares Games WW2 Wings of Glory Contest

March 6, 2012 - Ares Games is hosting a contest starting March 7, with Wings of Glory WW2 Airplane Packs and a Wings of Glory WW2 Starter Set as the prizes. It is a trivia contest, so get ready to put some thought into it.

If you win and have "liked" Ares Games on Facebook, you'll win an additional prize.

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