Death Star Droid

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Gentle Giant's March 2012 Pre-Orders: Wolverine & Death Star Droid

Gentle Giant is proud to bring you two new items for March 2012!

Modern Wolverine Mini Bust

Modern Wolverine Mini Bust


The unique sound of Wolverine's Adamantium claws unsheathing sends chills through villains everywhere. One of the most popular characters of the Marvel Universe for almost forty years now, Wolverine has come a long way since his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #180 back in 1974. Now a leader of his own team of X-Men, the former loner has taken responsibility for the future of mutantkind by following in Professor Charles Xavier's example and opening the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. But don't think he's gotten soft in his old age. Just remember bub, "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice."

Death Star Droid action figure

Death Star Droid Jumbo Kenner 12" Retro Figure

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