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Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel

Along with SyFy’s Collection Intervention there is another show this fall that may appeal to toy collectors, Toy Hunter. While Collection Intervention (my look at the first episode here) changes the collections from show to show, Toy Hunter is about one and only one thing – toys.

The show is on the Travel Channel and highlights trips to parts of the US with Jordan Hembrough while he looks for toys to sell in his business. He is a large toy dealer and runs Hollywood Heroes, based in New Jersey. If you wondered how he gets his leads, you can find it on their website where you can contact him to buy your collection. He uses these trips to find things he can sell for a profit. Each show is a half hour and he usually sees 2 or 3 people per show and each show has a bunch of smaller deals and one big deal.

Toy Hunters: New Season Starts August 15

August 6, 2012 - Pete from Fun Publications has let us know that he will be on the August 15th episode of Toy Hunters:

Hey all... Just a quick heads up.

I will be appearing on the Season Premiere of "Toy Hunters", Wednesday Aug 15th, 10pm on the Travel Channel. The episode premieres right after the "Best Sandwich in America" Finale.

Though the company I work for, Fun Publications, is not associated with Toy Hunters, the segment did take place in my office so viewers will get a look at where I work and we do spend some time talking about the Transformers Collectors' Club and the amazing Transformers fandom.

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Toy Hunters site

Sneak Peaks at Season 1

Jan 15: Toy Hunters on Travel Channel

Toy Hunters on Travel Channel

Toy Hunters Premieres on Jan 15th at 11:00pm on Travel Channel

January 13, 2012 - Follow Toy and Collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough and his team as they travel the country searching out the rarest and most sought after toys and pop culture collectibles! Join Jordan as he meets incredible people and learns about the history of some of the most popular toy lines in the past 30 years. He's out to uncover the Holy Grails of the collecting community... and time is running out!

Travel with Hembrough and his Hollywood Heroes as they journey to New York Comic Con, gathering rare and never before seen toys along the way. Comic Con is the "Super Bowl" of toy wheeling and dealing, gathering thousands of people each year. It's the event where the biggest comic and toy collectors turn out to spend BIG money on the rarest toys!

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