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FEARnet Infographic: The Business of Scary

The Business Of Scary Is A 7 Billion Dollar U.S. Industry

Billions are Spent on Costumes for Adults and Pets

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 23, 2012 -- Halloween has been transformed - it is no longer merely a day for candy and superstition; it is a multi-billion-dollar business, according to figures compiled by FEARnet, the cable industry's premier TV movie network, VOD channel and online portal featuring horror, suspense and thriller content. In 2011, Halloween-related spending neared 7 billion dollars; up from 3.29 billion dollars in 2005. This year, the average person will spend $72.31 on costumes, candy and decorations, and will have an estimated 15,000 pop-up Halloween stores to choose from. Costume sales, alone, for the 41,000,000 potential trick-or-treaters, are expected to rake in one billion dollars for children's costumes, 1.21 billion dollars for adult costumes and 310 million dollars for pet costumes. And the candy industry stands to make 23% of its annual candy sales during Halloween - the largest of any selling season.

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