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Original Jaws Movie Props at Auction

jaws movie props

Original Jaws movie props surface after 38 years

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 28, 2013 -- Film and television memorabilia auction house ScreenUsed is set to auction a collection of original props from the classic Steven Spielberg film Jaws. These rare artifacts were used during the production and are being auctioned off by ScreenUsed on March 9, 2013 and include:

- Quint's Machete (Robert Shaw)
- Hooper's Dive Mask (Richard Dreyfuss)
- Section of the Orca
- Shark Tail Section
- Original Jaws Tooth Mold & Teeth Samples

There are no reserves on the auction lots; the low estimate is where the auction starts.

Here are some other highlights from the auction:

- A Few Good Men - Col. Jessep's Shirt (Jack Nicholson)
- Army of Darkness - Stop Motion Miniature Deadite
- AVP: Alien Vs. Predator - Facehugger Puppet
- Big Lebowski, The - Maude's Painting Harness & Assistants' Boots
- Blade Runner - Blade Runner Blaster and Deckard's Shirt (Harrison Ford)
- Dark Knight, The - Joker's Glock Pistol and Knife (Heath Ledger)

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