March 2013 News

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outsmART originals March Madness Giveaway

outsmART originals

MARCH MADNESS: Designed to Win Giveaway

March 2013 - outsmART originals presents its MARCH MADNESS online giveaway. Purchase or preorder any t-shirt in the outsmART originals store and you're automatically entered for a chance to win $300 of designer art toys - FREE. Just one way to say thanks for all the support so many people from across the globe have shown outsmART and our artists!

As we prepare for Spring, we are proud to add more incredible artists to our already stellar lineup. From the world of art toys, tattoo designers and international illustrators, outsmART originals will be releasing new designs from Matt Anderson, Emilio Garcia, JC Rivera, Joe Pimentel, Casey Price, and Mr. Plob - just to name a few.

While many of our releases have featured exclusive giveaways from the artists, just by supporting these artists, you'll get an even bigger chance as outsmART originals says thanks with prize packages each month. Ready?

Funko POP! Vinyl: Walking Dead Series 2


March 2013 - Funko has announced a second batch of POP! Television vinyl figures based on The Walking Dead.

Expect to see Michonne, Glenn, Michonne's Pet #1, Michonne's Pet #2, and the Tank Zombie in stores around April 4th.

If the regular versions aren't enough for you, there will also be several variants available:


Star Wars Character Bracket Tournament

Star Wars Character Bracket Tournament

March 18, 2013 - It's a showdown between the Light Side and Dark Side in the first "This Is Madness" tournament! Vote for your favorite Jedi, Sith, scoundrel, rebel, or bounty hunter and help decide who is, once and for all, the galaxy's most popular Star Wars character.

The first round begins on Monday, March 18! Cast your votes and come back every day for new matchups and results, and be sure to check on Tuesday, April 9, to see who will be named winner of "This Is Madness!"

Hasbro: Jurassic Park Action Figures

March 2013 - Hasbro has released new images and details of their upcoming Jurassic Park 3D action figures:


On April 5, 2013, the groundbreaking classic film, JURASSIC PARK will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original release. Hasbro is excited to bring the JURASSIC PARK 3D film to life in toy form to a new generation of kids, exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

The 2013 JURASSIC PARK line from Hasbro will include the following products:


(Approximate Retail Price: $7.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: April 2013)
In 2013, JURASSIC PARK comes to life for a new generation of kids when it's released in state-of-the-art 3D format. This two-pack of JURASSIC PARK DINO BATTLERS figures delivers the ferocity of the movie dinosaurs in 3-inch size! Each package will include details about each dinosaur's speed, strength and special abilities. Four different two-packs to collect including Velociraptor vs. Tyrannosaurs Rex and Spinosaurus vs. Velociraptor! Each pack sold separately.

Casting Call: Collectors Documentary

March 2013 - We've gotten word of another casting call for collectors! This particular show is casting in Denver and several other cities in the United States. If you are interested in being featured on the show, contact [email protected].

I work for a television company that is making an exciting new documentary series that celebrates fascinating collectors and collections from across North America.

In the 14 episodes of "Collectors" we pay tribute to private collections and the dedicated people who assemble them: anything from rare sports artifacts to vintage salt and pepper shakers, from antique clocks to action figure memorabilia - and everything in between.

I am reaching out to you because we would love to feature an avid toy collector and his/her collection.

"Collectors" is hosted by Andrew Zegers, an appraiser and collector from "Antiques Roadshow Canada." Our first episode showcased a broad range of collections from vintage toys to high-end hats, from all kinds of Wonder Woman memorabilia to several hundred snow globes amassed by actor Corben Bernsen of "L.A. Law."

Indy Plush: Saving the Planet One Doll at A Time

 Saving the Planet One Doll at A Time

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2013 -- "Dolls with a Conscience." Plinio J. Garcia, Franceil Masi and Andrew Ruesch have formed a partnership called Indy Plush. Indy Plush is a Green America Certified organization that designs, makes and distributes plush dolls, clothing and books inspired by children and made in Los Angeles.

The filler in the dolls is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that are locally melted and spun like cotton candy. The adorable baby onesies are 100% organic cotton. Franceil Masi, a kindergarten teacher designs the dolls, while her partners, Andrew Ruesch and Plinio Garcia, market and operate the business, calling themselves "plush pushers."

C2E2 2013 Has an Exclusive Beer



"Galaxy Hero" Beer to be Launched at Tap Room Party on April 4!

JFURY x outsmART originals: Original 4" Custom Munny & Tees

JFURY x outsmART originals

JFURY x outsmART originals: Original 4" Custom Munny & Tees

March 2013 - Still need an incentive to preorder one or both of JFURY's upcoming t-shirts from outsmART originals? Well take a gander at this original 4" custom Munny the artist is making available to one lucky customer to say 'thanks for the support.'

JFURY x outsmART originals

Just preorder one or both of his tees and you're automatically entered for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind custom Munny! Each shirt equals an entry and just $20 each - so come on over for a chance to win:

JFURY x outsmART originals

Facebook Official Page -


JFURY x outsmART originals

Marvel Select Nightcrawler

Diamond Select Toys

Marvel Select Nightcrawler Bamfs into New Packaging Photos!

March 2013 - With the Marvel Select line delivering hit figure after hit figure, Marvel toy collectors have eagerly awaited the next comic-style Select to come out from Diamond Select Toys. And it's almost here!

The offspring of a mutant and a demon, blue-furred acrobat Kurt Wagner has shown the signs of his mixed heritage since he was born, and sculptor Jean St. Jean has brought out the scarier aspects of the X-Men's resident teleporter in this new figure. Nightcrawler stands approximately 7 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, and he comes with a "bamf" cloud base, representing the purple cloud he leaves behind when he teleports.

Check out the new packaging below and pre-order him from your local comic shop, specialty store or your favorite online retailer! Shipping in April!

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