Are the DC Universe 2 packs with Azrael/Batman and the Blue GLs still coming to retail?

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I snagged a set of the Batman through a trade and would like to get a set to open.

Any see or hear anything?



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Q3.  There’s some confusion on the last set of announced DCUC/DC All Star 2-packs that were announced at comic con “War of the Green Lanterns” Blue Kyle/Yellow Hal ( and “Knightfall” Red Az-Bats and Battle-damaged Batman (   When asked last 2 Q&A’s back we were told these had been manufactured and were shipped to TRU and were working their way through the system.   Then the last Q&A for another site you (or the new retail team) said “There are no current plans for the 2-packs, but we will always continue to explore ways of producing the most compelling collector offerings. Thank you.” (  Now, word is coming out that these have hit Canadian TRU’s.   Can you help settle the answer for this?  Were these made?  And are they shipping to US stores?

A3.  Yep, we can confirm that these were produced so you should be finding them shortly.

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They've definitely been spotted up here in Canada (Toronto, ON).

$34.99 CAD at Toys R Us if I remember correctly.

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Have any of these been available on-line at I despair of my local TRU ever selling through the Shazam sets.


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Snapped earlier today in Canada:

No sight of them on TRU's Canadian website.

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Nice !!! I picked mine up a few weeks ago, had some friends in the new York area head up there for fun and found them at tru Canada, very nice sets, gl are whatever but the az bats pack is very nice !!