Custom painted some of the new TMNT Toys

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I picked up the new turtles over the weekend, and thought I would paint up the Don and Leo. (I think I need to touch up Leo in a few places here and there, but overall I'm pleased with the results). I think these new figures are some of the best TMNT toys released ever. (while the NECA ones were good, and had superior paint though). I didn't notice until I looked at them closer but all 4 of the turtles have original sculpts. (at least as far as I can tell) which is pretty amazing. Combined with the fact they come with a TON of accesories, make this a really cool line. If you're a TMNT fan you owe it to yourself to pick at least one of these up.

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Very nice work. =)

I absolutely love the new turtles. I've got mine displayed with my vintage and NECA turtles (I'll post a pic if I ever find my camera).